Month: June 2016

Graffiti Writers and Their Egos

Certain writers, once they develop a certain level of skill & reputation, are sure to have a ridiculously-huge ego for the most part. This is understandable. You possess a skillset that many people would pay to have, especially people who have been writing for years. You’ve earned the right to shit on certain people, we […]

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CMC x SPone

Cap Matches Color x SP One Tee

The good folks over at just dropped their new CMC/SPone collaboration t-shirt in two hot-ass colorways on their online shop. The actual print is sharp with solid ink coverage (no “pinholes” or dots where the ink didn’t cover the substrate) and the ink colors are Pantone-matched for accuracy with the vintage paint colors used […]

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Utah & Ether

Utah & Ether|Probation Vacation: Lost in Asia

In this episode of the Probation Vacation: Lost in Asia Utah and Ether visit Korea. Traveling through the country hitting systems in Busan, Gwangju, Daegu, Daejon, Incheon and Seoul.

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Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker

Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers

As a Graff-lover, vandal, and chrome connoisseur I am fuckin’ thrilled that Molotow has released a 20-year Edition Liquid Chrome paint marker. If you love our spray can classic BURNER CHROME, you will adore this marker! The long-awaited, real liquid chrome is the result of a long-term advancement of the ink and therefore unique in […]

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Cheap Premium Cans On the Mini Site

The new mini-site in up & running with a few products listed as of right now. If you need premium cans, don’t care which colors you receive for the discounted price and love same-day shipping and 2 or 3-day delivery times I suggest you check out Vandalistik. Vandalistik is a small BigCartel set I set […]

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