Artist Spotlight | Meca MD MHS DNA SGK

Next in line is a Baltimore vandal I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a while back.
From handstyles & throwups to pieces and burners, main man has it all covered.
Check out his Instagram at @jaemeca and show some love.

1.) State your name, crew(s) (if your in one) and the city your from.
From Baltimore ,MD,USA

2.) How did you come up with your name?
I picked my name mainly because of the symmetry of the letters. It’s a strong name recognized worldwide in many languages. A sacred place that millions travel to see. I could go on and on…

3.) When and how did you become interested in Graffiti?
I remember my mom buying me Beat Street on Beta-Max. That’s the first time i noticed graffiti. It seemed to be the realest form of art. One thing led to another and I started noticing reoccurring names on the highways and around my hometown in the early-mid 90’s.

4.) Who (or what) influenced you to start writing?
The highway and transit line bombers at the time influenced me to start…KSW,DST,and CSX were the crews that were dominant. I wanted to see my name up as much as i saw theirs. I didn’t meet these dudes until years later. So i got a name, wrote on shit, got busted, moved to the city, and payed attention to style.
I happened to move 3 blocks from a major freight yard. I’d sit with friends, drink 40’s and smoke blunts. I started noticing the same names over and over, so i knew that those trains had to be getting painted right there. That’s when i decided to do pieces and started painting trains. That was winter of 1997. I painted with a high school buddy or by myself for years before i met any established writers. I kinda figured everything out on my own. I never had the internet, it was all trial and error.

5.) Piecing, bombing or both? Legal or illegal spots?
Gotta do both. Graffiti is about getting up, period. Bombing is the essence of graffiti. Without bombing, there would be no piecing. Your handwriting is most important, that’s where style begins. Piecing to me is meditation. Legals are cool, I got no problem painting a permission spot if it’s visible to the public, like on a transit line or avenue, and if it runs. I tend to paint where i want for the most part.

6.) What is your preferred surface to write on? Walls, freights, etc.?
I have way more fun painting trains, always have. Walls are more forgiving though, I can pull off a much more technical piece on a wall. I’d say I paint them equally.

7.) What do you think about the “street art” label people put on some graffiti nowadays and the corporate movement into graffiti to sell products?
I don’t do street art,and i don’t use the term…I feel people should know the difference and understand the risk and passion behind graffiti itself.

8.) If you had two old school Krylon or Rusto colors to use for the rest of your life, besides ultra- flat black and chrome, what would they be?
Indian Spice or Raspberry American Accents…and Krylon Pastel-Aqua.

9.) What do you think of the premium/fancy paint that’s available nowadays? Or all “specialized” graffiti products in general?
I just got used to the fancy paints a few years ago. It was like learning how to paint all over again for real. But I’m all about that shit now. No reason not to use the tools we now have available. I pull off shit now that i would have never attempted with Krylon.

10.) Quality or quantity?
Quantity with quality.

11.) 3 things you love and 3 things you absolutely despise about graffiti?
I cant really say what i do and do not like about graff.

12.) Any good chase stories worthy of mentioning?
No chase stories worth mentioning.

13.) Name two other writers outside your squad who’s style you think is vicious?
There is alot of writers doing real innovative stuff now, to pick 2 would be very difficult.

14.) What does a “normal” day in your life involve?
My day revolves around graffiti in some way. I’d like to say otherwise, but graff is my current addiction. I paint something daily.

15.) Pick one place on Planet Earth that you would like to visit and paint?
The West Bank wall…..unrealistically I’d say China’s Great Wall.

16.) What are your interests outside of Graffiti?
Outside of graff?
Seeking knowledge..that’s about it.

17.) What would you tell all these kids coming up now trying to write?
To the kids…know your city’s history, but don’t pretend you were there. Handwriting is most important…stay out of the way.

18.) Any shoutouts?
Shouts to SYKO/MD SGK. Dude can really pull a team together…and the rest of my long list of ultra-talented crew-mates that inspire me daily.

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