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Rime-Up On Through

Rime | Up On Through

‘This is a short documentary I made about the process behind the creation of Rime’s upcoming show ‘Up On Through’ during his two month residency in Paris. Having begun several very laborious works back in our Brooklyn studio, it was very interesting to focus more on what was created in situ within the exhibition space. […]

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Happy Birthday Dondi White

In case any of you Graff cats forgot, didn’t know, or whatever, today is Dondi White’s birthday. He died October 2, 1988 from AIDS. Born in the East New York neighbourhood of Brooklyn, Dondi was the youngest of fourteen children. He was of African American and Italian American descent. He attended a Catholic school during […]

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Dare Memorium

Dare x In Memoriam

On March 31st, 2016, the exhibition IN MEMORIAM with works by Sigi von Koeding aka Dare opened reception at the Stiftung Brasilea, Westquaistrasse 39 in Basel (Switzerland). At the same time this was the official release of the new book “Dare To Be Different” (check it right here).

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GrafFight World X 2016|Singpaore

Here’s some fresh images from GRAFFIGHT WORLD – X 2016 event in Singapore. Graffight World – X 2016 is an international live graffiti demo exhibition that will put up and coming local graffiti artist and industry leaders to showcase alongside famous international graffiti artists.

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