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Random Trains

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MAYONAIZE – Star Lyric Theatre

Mayonaize|Star Lyric Theater

Mayonaizeis a contemporary fine artist specializing in a unique calligraphy script style of lettering. He took on his largest piece to date at the soon to be demolished Star Lyric Theater in Fitzroy with a little guest appearance from Melbourne-based street artist RONE in the background.

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Graffiti Writers and Their Egos

Certain writers, once they develop a certain level of skill & reputation, are sure to have a ridiculously-huge ego for the most part. This is understandable. You possess a skillset that many people would pay to have, especially people who have been writing for years. You’ve earned the right to shit on certain people, we […]

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MadC x Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Mad C x Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

New mural by Mad C for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. At least these mural arts jerkoffs stepped their game up and hired Mad C instead of some noname jimoke from who-knows-where….it’s not like there’s any talented artists in Philly, right? Anyway…

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Merlot & Amuse 126

Merlot & Amuse 126 ‘Bando Work

Here’s nome new shit from Merlot & Amuse 126 in an abandominium at an undisclosed location.

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